There are so many challenges one has to face if one wants to get educated. The biggest challenge is the expenses in different forms like tuition fee, books, accommodation and transport. It is impossible for someone who has to support his or her family to go to a good college or university. The new trends of online universities are taking over and about 3 millions are enrolled in online university programs. This proves that online colleges have improved their reputation and quality. Many universities are providing such a good service that it is proved that these programs as good as face to face classes. But one should be sceptical about what online undergraduate school they should go to. Here is a list of top 5 schools:

Fort Hays State University

It is a great university which only charges you $187 for per credit and offers 600 online courses each semester with the option of elective courses. Fort Hays offers is among the top 20 online programs list which offers 5 different bachelor’s programs. There are 6,000 students from welcoming national as well as international students from 20 countries. Moreover, the faculty has teaching experience of more than 7 years. The palliation fee is also $30 to $40 which is minimal as compared to many other schools.

Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Arkansas State University-Main Campus offers nine different undergraduate online degree programs and only charges you $6,060 per year. It offers bachelors in communications, criminology, political science, sociology, nursing and healthcare, industrial management and education. The duration of different degrees vary but nursing takes the longest. Moreover, other than degree programs subjects such as writing composition are also offered to any student enrolled in any program.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University offers 28 online programs charging only $6,334. This university has been known for developing personality of their student for the competitive job market. They offer degree in subjects like business administration, finance, hospitality and tourism, HRM, IT, International Management, marketing, project management and sports management. They have a range of programs that are high in demand. Moreover, they also offer master and doctoral programs. In case someone does not want to go for a long hours degree, certificates are offered b the university.

Lamar University

It offers 15 different bachelors online programs and charges $208 per credit. They aim to cater not only national students but out-of-students are also their priority. It is in the top 50 rankings of online schools and unlike other online schools, it is quite affordable. There a number of courses like law, criminal justice, healthcare and nursing, industrial technology and business administration. Application fee is quite minimal which is $25.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers 25 undergraduate specializations and is ranked the 7th best online university. They are known for their experienced and well trained faculty. Their business concentrated degrees and criminal justice have the most enrolled students. Their graduates are well trained for the competitive job market as most of them get jobs in first three months.